Negotiating a fair salary

CommissionsNot only is this the ʺmost happiest season of allʺ it often coincides with employee evaluations and assessments, which will inevitably lead to salary negotiations.

Planning and preparation are the keys to getting the salary you deserve. Begin by estimating your value in comparison to similar positions in your sector of activity using internet chat rooms and forums or your own professional network.

Make a list of your accomplishments, such as objectives and goals that were met or increased responsibilities, and be ready to prove them if required. These elements will give weight to your arguments during your negotiations. Continue reading “Negotiating a fair salary”

Auditions are open for talented automotive industry salespeople!

VendeurTalented and productive salespeople are a rare breed in the automotive industry. They possess a unique profile that you must be able to distinguish to insure the success of your business. If you are looking for an effective recruitment process, you must be willing to go above and beyond conventional evaluations; auditions are the way to go!

While the value of traditional interviewing is well documented, any salesperson worthy of the title should be able to sell themselves. This explains why you must submit them to real-life situations before they are officially hired. Simulate a buying scenario with a fictitious customer and test their ability in terms of overcoming adversity, rejection as well as their overall resiliency. Continue reading “Auditions are open for talented automotive industry salespeople!”

Great meetings always start on time!

8380732_mMeetings are often perceived as a necessary evil, but why not eliminate this perception by making them more productive? This can only be achieved by respecting the most important rule: start and finish your meetings on schedule!

Never mind forgiving those who show up late, show your gratitude to those who arrive on time by starting the meeting as planned, by doing the opposite, you undermine every future meeting. The usual suspects will always be late, while those who respectfully show up as scheduled will inevitably think ʺwhy bother showing up on timeʺ.

Successful meetings are usually a reflection of the thought that was put into them. Prepare a point-by- point meeting agenda in priority order of the issues to be discussed and the allotted time for each. Provide a copy to every participant ahead of time along with all other relevant documents. Continue reading “Great meetings always start on time!”

Office Parties: Avoid Painful Hangovers!

47330904_mThe Holiday Season is just around the corner. Employers often choose this festive time of year to thank employees for a job well done, but this opportunity does come with its fair share of ethical and legal responsibilities.

For starters, employers must take all of the necessary measures to protect the health, safety and dignity of their employee’s, even if the party is held at an exterior venue or takes place after normal business hours. Continue reading “Office Parties: Avoid Painful Hangovers!”

Workplace Romances: A Risky Affair

12954660_mYour heart races and you break into a cold sweat at the sight of one of your colleagues at work? Should you follow your heart and jump right in, or is your brain telling you to do the exact opposite? How do you manage these conflicting impulses?

Workplace infatuations are commonplace: we spend a great deal of time at work, where we always strive to put our best foot forward. According to a Monster Europe survey, 30 percent of all couples originated in the workplace. Continue reading “Workplace Romances: A Risky Affair”