Free Automotive Industry HR Tools to assist you in your Human Resources Management

Easy-to-use free tools designed to facilitate your Human Resource management!

These job-specific documents are tailored to the automotive industry.The available documents are located under each specific job category heading. offers customized tools designed to help you meet your human resource management goals.

These valuable documents will help you:

  • Start your recruitment process
  • Prepare interviews
  • Integrate new employees
  • Perform employee performance evaluations
  • Retain staff by improving your overall HR process

You wish to download these documents?

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Generic HR Tools


O3G- Background Check Authorization

An indispensable tool in the automotive industry!

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O9G- Phone Interview Report

Find out more about your prefered candidates!

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O1G- Employment Reference Survey 

Avoid taking unnecessary risks by hiring blindly! Perform a methodical reference check and prevent costly mistakes.

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08G- Job Description Creation Tool

This questionnaire facilitates the creation of job descriptions, allowing you to save time and money on organizational changes.

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Sales Department HR Tools


O1V- Reference Check Questionnaire- Sales Consultant

Do not take risks by hiring blindly! Take employment references and avoid many problems.

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O7V- Performance evaluation questionnaire – Sales Consultant

An indispensable tool in the automotive industry for sales consultant evaluation

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O10V- Performance Questionnaire- General Sales Manager

The performance evaluation of a general sales manager requires skill and a structured approach.

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Service Department HR Tools


O2S – Technical-Questionnaire for Technicians

Evaluate the technical skills of your apprentices and technicians and acquire first-hand knowledge of the technical potential of your employees.

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