Recruitment and Retention: The Right Message

Honest feedback and interaction is key to successful staff recruitment and retention.

Consistent branding, communication and integrity are key to attracting and retaining good employees. Photo Shutterstock

Often, two of the biggest challenges facing dealers are employee recruitment and retention. Whether it’s in sales or service, many retailers are having to deal with major skills shortages and finding good quality people to fill them today is exceedingly difficult. Continue reading “Recruitment and Retention: The Right Message”

Dealership Employer of Choice: Recognizing Excellence

eff Doran, President, Corporate Culture and Employer of Choice and Recognition (CCEOC)
Jeff Doran, President, Corporate Culture and Employer of Choice and Recognition (CCEOC)

Awards celebrate dealerships that consistently invest in their people. 

A big announcement in 2024 has been a new partnership between Autosphere Media and the Dealership Employer of Choice awards program 

Created by Corporate Culture and Employer of Choice Recognition (CCEOC), winning the Dealership Employer of Choice award is a major feat for a Canadian automotive retail organization. It represents an opportunity to showcase the efforts automotive dealers have made in creating vibrant, dynamic organizations that invest in their people, and deliver superior service.  Continue reading “Dealership Employer of Choice: Recognizing Excellence”

Outlook for the automotive service and repair industry in Canada

At the 2024 AIA Canada National Conference, which was held on April 23 and 24 in Toronto, everyone who is anyone in Canada’s auto care sector gathered to speak and learn about the current industry trends and challenges. 

This year, the menu of the annual AIA Canada National Conference, was simple: to connect, learn and discuss trends and challenges in the auto care industry.

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Sophie Corriveau Appointed Automotive Recruitment Consultant for

Stéphanie Massé, National Sales Director, is proud to announce the appointment of Sophie Corriveau to the position of Automotive Recruitment Consultant.

As part of her new role, Corriveau will be responsible for expanding’s specialized human resources services offering. She will support human resources management, specifically automotive sector personnel recruitment and placement, with a view to promoting employer brand development and ensuring customer service excellence.

“I love working with automotive professionals. There’s a level of familiarity in this industry that you can’t find anywhere else. I feel at home here and I always manage to build great relationships!” Corriveau says.

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International recruitment in the automotive sector : the AIA Canada’s actions

Although it is a debated subject in our society, the immigration of qualified workers represents one of the major solutions to the labour shortage in the automobile industry. Here, it is the topic of conversation we had with Alana Baker, Vice President, Government Relations and Research at the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada).

What is AIA Canada’s point of view on international recruitment in the aftermarket automotive industry ?

Alana Baker : Canada’s labour shortage, including within the auto care industry, will not only require new and innovative domestic strategies, but also reinforcement from immigration and workers from outside the country. As such, AIA Canada is an active member of the Business Liaison Group, led by the Government of Canada’s Commissioner for Employers, as well as other stakeholder coalition groups advocating for strengthened policies to engage all eligible workers to participate in our industry’s workforce. Diversity in the workplace is an untapped potential that can play a vital role in the industry’s success. To address labour shortages, industry stakeholders support attracting foreign trained workers with automotive backgrounds or training those without.

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