Tire season approaches and your hiring process worries you?

Recruiting Service Attendants is a challePneusnge for employers in the Automotive Industry and this challenge comes back twice a year.  While these periods are lucrative, they are nonetheless a source of great stress for employers who are keen to provide maximum performance to the workshop and provide excellent service to their customers.

Here are some tips to successfully go through this period:

 – Begin your recruitment process 30 days before the peak period.
– Hire at least two weeks before the rush. The quality of the integration of your new employees is important to maximize your chances of keeping them employed for the duration of the contract. Continue reading “Tire season approaches and your hiring process worries you?”

Report Workplace Injuries Immediately!

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No matter what their degree or level of involvement, in general, when workplace injuries or illnesses occur, most people would prefer doing any meaningful task other than filling out the inevitable reams of paperwork. However…

It is extremely important that you complete and submit the required documents and registers as soon as possible. They will immediately be transformed into valuable reference tools for both workers and employers, which can then be used when

All relevant information regarding the incident should be collected on the spot: name of injured or ill individual, date and time of event, location and elements involved in incident, description of injury or illness, employee and witness versions, nature of first-aid dispensed. A comprehensive, thorough investigation and analysis of the incident is extremely vital to the successful conclusion of every file. Continue reading “Report Workplace Injuries Immediately!”

Customer relationship management

imagesDoes the acronym CRM sound familiar? In a dealership environment it stands for Customer Relationship Management, and is most often used to refer to the software and tools used to manage this important process. In today’s extremely competitive market, building relationships with your customers is essential for long-term success.

Building a specific knowledge base for each individual customer is the key to developing a long-term, durable relationship. By capturing information as to their habits, opinions and preferences, you will be able to create a profile and offer services and products tailored to their specific needs. Continue reading “Customer relationship management”

Has your workplace been invaded by zombies?

11578911_mDoes your colleague groan and grunt every time he sets foot in the office? Is he struggling with his cognitive skills? Are his eyes bloodshot and bulging? Be careful, you may be rubbing elbows with a zombie, i.e., an employee who is completely disembodied from his work!

Unfortunately, this profile is all too common in the workplace these days. Numerous employees, whether voluntarily or not, reduce their level of engagement towards the company as a result of accumulated frustration

These individuals fail to find meaning in their work, discouraged by the fact that their efforts remain unrecognized, or they are tired at the lack of accountability or being micromanaged, or maybe they are frustrated that they are not rewarded for initiative or no longer part of the decision-making process. Continue reading “Has your workplace been invaded by zombies?”

Winter blues: Climb out of your hole!

epuisement_auto-jobs.caYou grab your briefcase, open the front door; it’s cold, dark, freezing and bleak, just like you. Could you be suffering from a bout of seasonal depression?

Seasonal depression affects a fair number of individuals at this time of year, especially 18-45 year-old women. Excessive appetite and overall tiredness, noticeable drop in energy and increased irritability are just a few of the warning signs of this ailment that thrives during the dreary winter season. Continue reading “Winter blues: Climb out of your hole!”