Answers for Job Seekers

An attached document cannot be modified. You must delete the resume that is currently linked with your account before uploading the updated version.
Your resume must be in Word or PDF format in order to be linked with your account.
In order to deactivate this function, log into to your account, and choose the ‘‘My account’’ option. Use your cursor to uncheck this option.
In order to find out if an employer has reviewed your application, log into your account and choose the ‘‘My applications’’option. When an employer views either your resume and/or your profile, a red checkmark will appear under the corresponding column.
Your applications will remain visible as long as the offers on which you applied remain posted on the site. There is no way to retrieve your application history, it will remain archived in the employer account.
You must always start by entering your access codes when searching directly on the Auto-jobs.ca website to be recognized by the system.

Answers for Employers

As an employer, you have access to a very large pool of candidate seeking jobs in your industry

Our vast applicant database allows us to increase your visibility, which has a reach that goes far beyond word-of-mouth.

Your job posting will be viewed exclusively by people in the industry, therefore reaching thousands of motivated and available candidates.

Thousands of candidates receive your job offer in the minutes following its posting and can rapidly apply

You have access to your employer profile page with which you can present the benefits of your business and favorably influence job seekers.

You save valuable time and reduce the time required to recruit and hire your employees.
After a 30 days online post, your offer is archived in your client account and you can consult the resumes at your convenience. You can also reactivate or modify previous offers as needed. This option saves you a lot of time.
Auto-jobs.ca becomes your online HR management tool, available 24/7. Please note that no resumes are deleted from your account.
We do not guarantee hiring! But you will receive resumes from applicants of the industry.
Placement services are not offered. However, we offer recruiting services, representing an important proportion of services rendered by an employment agency, but at a much better rate
Opening an account as a client is free. Clients are billed only for used services. For example, job postings, support plans, pre-employment screenings, featured and priority job postings, etc.
Auto-jobs.ca has an excellent web and social media visibility and an excellent reputation among job seekers. Candidates register on-line for free. We have hundreds of new registrations every week and this number continues to grow. Candidates learn about us through their colleagues, the Web, their employers who already use us and social networks where we are very active.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call our Customer Service at (514) 321-2888 Call Now: (514) 321-2888