About Auto-jobs.ca

Our Mission Statement

Auto-jobs.ca is fast becoming the Canadian advertising Web site of reference for those offering or seeking job openings in the automotive industry. Auto-Jobs.ca staff have acquired wide-ranging automotive industry experience and skills to help automotive job seekers find employment using advanced recruiting methods in tune with today’s market. Auto-Jobs.ca’s use of new job seeking, job promoting, publicity and Internet technology is the most efficient way to surpass present and future customer needs.


Overall Automotive Job Market Tendencies

Ontario and Quebec have over 25,000 companies actively involved in the province’s 250,000 strong automotive industry jobs, such as:

  • General repair shops;
  • Service stations;
  • New & used car dealerships;
  • Automotive parts and accessories distributors;
  • Heavy duty truck parts and accessories distributors;
  • Automotive parts suppliers & manufacturers;
  • Automotive and heavy-duty equipment Industries tire and accessory shops;
  • Etc.

Today’s automotive job market is very active and benefits from fast & easy-to-use Internet technology to instantly post and fill new job offers. The automotive industry is always looking for experienced workers and fresh new talent to fill new job openings or replace retiring workers.The rising number of current unfulfilled job openings dramatically highlights the growing shortage of qualified automotive industry personnel.

While school networks are working hard to fill this qualified personnel void with new graduates, the use of new, innovative recruiting advertisements is another way of finding and attracting qualified and experienced staff. The need for a specialized Canadian automotive industry web portal is paramount.

The Canadian automotive industry needs this efficient, well-run centralized automated Web Portal to rapidly post new automotive jobs as they become available to reach qualified automotive job seekers quickly, wherever they may be. This centralized web portal also enables employers to check out candidate applications independently with complete anonymity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while choosing who and when selected candidates are to be contacted and further screened.

The team

Mélanie Turcot, CRHA

Operations Manager – Ext – 209

Following a career in the automotive industry and nearly 15 years in human resources management, Mélanie is now at the helm of Auto-jobs.ca. Thanks to her knowledge of the automotive employment market, her leadership and her unifying spirit, among other things, she will be able to meet all of your needs. Mélanie combines some of her passions at Auto-jobs.ca: staffing, business development and human capital. As a member of “l’Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés”, Mélanie is always on the lookout for trends to lead our business and yours to success!


Meggie Tremblay

Customer Service Representative – Ext – 201

Meggie has several years of experience in customer service in various fields. Her passion for interpersonal relationships led her quite naturally to us. Her smile and contagious good attitude will brighten up your day. She will try by all possible means to meet every one of your particular needs!


Audrey Buonocore

Talent acquisition advisor – Ext – 207

With a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Relations, Audrey has worked in recruitment in the automotive and information-technology industries. Proactive and enthusiastic, she is always on the lookout for new talent and has mastered the art of finding the perfect candidates! She knows how to carry out her projects with efficiency and professionalism. Dedicated, she will be able to support you throughout your experience with us.


Emmanuelle Bourque

Account Manager – 438-686-8063

Emmanuelle has been evolving in the automotive industry for 18 years. She started out as Financial & Insurance Manager, where she discovered a passion for the industry. Since then, she has worked in online marketing and customer service, which gave her many tools to answer our customer’s needs. Look out for her on the road!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call our Customer Service at (514) 321-2888 Call Now: (514) 321-2888