The company Auto-jobs.ca inc. (hereafter referred to as "Auto-jobs") operates the licensed website autojobs.ca (hereafter referred to as "Site") whose purpose is to publish job offers related to cars. The use of the site by any user is governed by terms of use as reproduced below, which constitute an agreement between Auto-jobs and the user.

These mentioned terms of use may be modified at any time at the sole discretion of Auto-jobs.
Modifications brought about by Auto-jobs enter into effect immediately once the computer downloading of new changes has been completed on Site.


1.1 Place of operation
Auto-jobs operates Site from its offices located in Ste-Thérèse, in the province of Québec.

1.2 Use of Site

1.2.1 Information found on Site may be used only by individuals seeking a job, by employers wishing to fill a position within their company or by employment placement agencies.

1.2.2 Users of the site are however permitted to download onto their personal computers information found on Site.

1.3 Information forwarded by users

1.3.1 The user hereby acknowledges that in using Site:
a) He is the author or copyright holder of the forwarded information;

b) The forwarded information is true;

c) The user is in no way bound by any obligation or confidentiality commitment with respect to the forwarded information.

1.3.2 The user grants Auto-jobs a license for the display, translation, printing and for all other usages of information for the purpose of the operation and promotion of Site, including the recruitment of candidates or offering of services by employers. This license also allows Auto-jobs to permit user access to forwarded information, to make use of this information, and to print out this information according to the aforementioned conditions.

1.3.3 It is forbidden to forward to Auto-jobs any information which might be considered false, illegal, defamatory, obscene or contrary to the law. To this end, Auto-jobs reserves the right, entirely at its own discretion, to either not publish or to cease to publish any information which would be forwarded to Auto-jobs by a user or which could contravene the stated purposes of Site.


2.1 Royalties
Information published on Site is protected by various laws, notably those with respect to royalties. It is forbidden to reproduce, publish, translate, distribute, download, display, post or forward, in whole or in part, any information found on Site, without prior authorization from Auto-jobs. Unauthorized usage of information posted on Site is subject to prosecution for public liability and/or criminal prosecution.

2.2 Trademarks
Trademarks and logos belonging to Site are trademarks of Auto-jobs, regardless whether they have been registered or not. At no time and under any circumstances may these trademarks and logos be used without prior authorization of Auto-jobs.


3.1. The data and information posted on Site are presented without any guarantee whatsoever, implicit or explicit, subject to any public legislation to the contrary.

3.2 Auto-jobs does not make any representation nor take any position concerning the use, validity, accuracy, or reliability of information found on Site.

3.3 Auto-jobs furthermore refuses to take any responsibility with respect to results deriving from use of information reproduced on Site.

3.4 Auto-jobs moreover refuses all responsibility with respect to any information which ends up on Site in error. To this end, Auto-jobs, its administrators, directors, employers, representatives and proxies cannot be in any case held responsible for any damages linked to use of Site or to the above mentioned.

3.5 Auto-jobs refuses to take any responsibility with regard to any candidate, employer or personnel placement agency in the eventuality that a curriculum vitae does not appear, further to a search, or appears where it should not be or is forwarded in error.

3.6 Auto-job refuses all responsibility in the case of interruption or suspension of Site, whether in case of breakdown, acts of God or network problems.

3.7 Auto-jobs may close down Site at any time, entirely at its discretion, and may do so without repayment of any money owing.

3.8 Auto-jobs has no obligation whatsoever to find a candidate for a position posted by an employer or by a personnel placement agency. Auto-jobs moreover assumes no obligation whatsoever with regard to finding the candidate a job.

4. These terms of use are governed by the laws applicable in the province of Québec, Canada. Any litigation deriving from use of Site shall be heard before a tribunal in the district of Terrebonne, province of Quebéc, Canada, to the exclusion of any other tribunal.

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