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Job posted on : 2018-12-06

Job details

  Offer number : #50278
  Sector : Automotive
  Specialty : Admin. - General Manager
  Schedule : Variable schedule
  Job type : Full time
  Salary : Competitive
  Spoken language(s) : French, English
  Written language(s) : French, English

Job description

We are looking for a General Manager.

This is an executive position that reports to the Executive Board on the company's management and performance. The jobholder is responsible for all Managers.

The General Manager is focused on sales and on increasing the vehicles sales’ volume. The candidate must manage and direct the dealership based on the fundamental objectives based on profit and capital return by personally performing the following tasks or delegating them to subordinates.

The incumbent will be responsible for maintaining the customer base and the profitability of each service in the dealership. The General Manager assumes these responsibilities by adopting good business management practices. The jobholder plans and coordinates the management team’s activities and motivates the team members.

The main tasks are listed below, but the incumbent can be assigned to other functions:

    • Establishing the mission and short and medium-term objectives, projects and the dealership’s policies in collaboration with the dealer;
    • Analyzing the dealership’s operations’ results, comparing them to the objectives and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to correct unsatisfactory results;
    • Implementing and maintaining an effective communication system throughout the company;
    • Representing the dealer at various levels with key customers, the manufacturer, the financial community and the public;
    • Planning the dealership’s operations for the coming year and submitting the plan to the dealer for approval;
    • Meeting with the Controller and/or the Accountant monthly to review service forecasts to ensure consistency with annual forecasts;
    • Meeting with Managers or employees on an individual basis to develop monthly and annual goals and reviewing actual performance;
    • Monitoring the operations’ daily control and recommending a better plan if necessary;
    • Providing the dealer with reports on the dealership’s financial situation;
    • Creating and maintaining good working relationships with credit institutions and the manufacturer’s staff;
    • Creating efficient internal communications by holding regular meetings with Managers and employees to ensure that each service operates effectively and is cost effective;
    • Ensuring that the manufacturer's policies and procedures are followed by the various departments;
    • Dealing with the customers’ complaints when Service Managers have failed to find a solution.

Tasks related to human resources management:

    • Hiring, training and motivating all the company’s employees;
    • Analyzing and having the shareholder approvals on the employees’ compensation programs;
    • Analyzing training requests, approving those that are relevant and consistent with professional and technical competencies, promoting training programs and ensuring their effectiveness;
    • Ensuring that the dealership complies with the Act to promote workforce skills development and other human resources management Acts (VRSP, pay equity, etc.) and CNSST;
    • Sharing management policies and procedures to all employees and ensuring they are understood and respected;
    • Leading, supervising and controlling all the dealership’s management team’s functions and performing formal performance evaluations;
    • Informing the team about the manufacturer’s new information.

Tasks related to marketing:

    • Developing and discussing business strategies in collaboration with the shareholder and participating in the creation of advertising programs;
    • Communicating any marketing initiatives to the dealership’s employees.


    • Experience within the automotive field (mandatory);
    • Experience in all new and pre-owned vehicles sales’ aspects including financial products;
    • Analytical skills to analyze performance reports and all reports generated by the manufacturer;
    • Enthusiastic leader who helps build the employees’ attitudes and improves the work environment.

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